ModbusRTU for TouchBerry 10 pt.3

20.06.2021 100daystooffload

Upgrading wiringpi on Raspberry Pi 4

19.06.2021 100daystooffload

ModbusRTU for TouchBerry 10 pt.2

18.06.2021 100daystooffload

No autoflow for RS485 on TouchBerry 10"?

17.06.2021 100daystooffload

Cross-compiling vs cross-compiling

16.06.2021 100daystooffload

Using mbpoll as a CLI for Modbus

15.06.2021 100daystooffload

Giving up hope on svelte-kit

13.06.2021 100daystooffload

Trying tauri with svelte

12.06.2021 100daystooffload

Stepper motors: 2-phase and 3-phase

11.06.2021 100daystooffload

Repeat find and till in vim

10.06.2021 100daystooffload

Feelings about the writing break

09.06.2021 100daystooffload

Holiday break for a week

01.06.2021 100daystooffload

Change NetworkManager connection priority

29.05.2021 100daystooffload

M-Duino external voltage reference trap

28.05.2021 100daystooffload

One disadvantage of git based blog

27.05.2021 100daystooffload

The fight of gitignores

26.05.2021 100daystooffload

Make Auto-type work in kitty under Wayland

22.05.2021 100daystooffload

On not writing project requirements down

20.05.2021 100daystooffload

Wiring is an art too

19.05.2021 100daystooffload

Using long commit message description

18.05.2021 100daystooffload

Rotating QR codes in Zebra ZPL

17.05.2021 100daystooffload

Thoughts on the bee weighter project

16.05.2021 100daystooffload

Unexpected naming conventions

15.05.2021 100daystooffload

How many bytes does time and weight need?

14.05.2021 100daystooffload

Dividing the AT24C32 EEPROM space

13.05.2021 100daystooffload

Notes on circular queue data structure

12.05.2021 100daystooffload

Wakeup Pro Micro 3.3V with DS3132 module

11.05.2021 100daystooffload

Use pin 7 to wakeup an Arduino Pro Micro

10.05.2021 100daystooffload

Fix platformio avrdude input/output error

09.05.2021 100daystooffload

Insights from the Google Search Console

08.05.2021 100daystooffload

Using UUID in an Atom feed

07.05.2021 100daystooffload

My blog has a Feed now!

06.05.2021 100daystooffload

Cheatsheet: uuid

05.05.2021 100daystooffload

Markdown posts by word count in bash

04.05.2021 100daystooffload

On federated code hosting

03.05.2021 100daystooffload

Smarter global search for vim and fzf

02.05.2021 100daystooffload

Smart global search for vim and fzf

01.05.2021 100daystooffload

Global search for vim and fzf

30.04.2021 100daystooffload

Cheatsheet: DNS mode

29.04.2021 100daystooffload

A story about NFC on my ThinkPad T470

28.04.2021 100daystooffload

GnuPG security token has arrived

27.04.2021 100daystooffload

Nginx on Arch using Ansible pt.3

26.04.2021 100daystooffload

Nginx on Arch using Ansible pt.2

25.04.2021 100daystooffload

White hat hacker contacted me

24.04.2021 100daystooffload

Comprehensive guide to pkgfile

22.04.2021 100daystooffload

Wildcard certificate with

21.04.2021 100daystooffload

Nginx with on Arch

20.04.2021 100daystooffload

Keep Git fork in sync

19.04.2021 100daystooffload

Nginx on Arch using Ansible

18.04.2021 100daystooffload

Install F-Droid on Arch via Anbox

15.04.2021 100daystooffload

Solution to tracepath no reply

14.04.2021 100daystooffload

Restoring Nginx configuration on Arch

13.04.2021 100daystooffload

Using pacman with Ansible

12.04.2021 100daystooffload

Release: Gitea 1.14.0

11.04.2021 100daystooffload

Hate speech in the Fediverse?

10.04.2021 100daystooffload

SSH prompting KeePassXC unlock

09.04.2021 100daystooffload

Gnome Shell 40 upgrade

08.04.2021 100daystooffload

Feature: task list in Gitea issues

07.04.2021 100daystooffload

How to use flashrom on Archlinux ARM

06.04.2021 100daystooffload

Arch news pacman hook tip

05.04.2021 100daystooffload

How to verify integrity of OpenWRT files

04.04.2021 100daystooffload

Status update April 2021

02.04.2021 100daystooffload

The most useful computer mouse

01.04.2021 100daystooffload

VPS opinion: Contabo

31.03.2021 100daystooffload

Why I voted for support rms letter

30.03.2021 100daystooffload

Automotive chip famine events

29.03.2021 100daystooffload

Hide blueman-applet in Gnome Shell

28.03.2021 100daystooffload

Solutions to a buggy system package

27.03.2021 100daystooffload

Inverting colors helps Tesseract

26.03.2021 100daystooffload

Rules in the Fediverse

25.03.2021 100daystooffload

Accessing Gitea Postgres inside Docker

24.03.2021 100daystooffload

I have published my first game

23.03.2021 100daystooffload

Using Kanban board in Gitea

22.03.2021 100daystooffload

Digital privacy as a new currency

21.03.2021 100daystooffload

Comparing my domain registrars

20.03.2021 100daystooffload

Netlify email forwarding problem

19.03.2021 100daystooffload

Using mnemonics outside of my vim

18.03.2021 100daystooffload

Syncthing can sync my entire phone

17.03.2021 100daystooffload

Most useful keyboards for Android

16.03.2021 100daystooffload

SvelteKit is is almost beta

15.03.2021 100daystooffload

Two Gitea clients for mobile

14.03.2021 100daystooffload

Negative margin and grid layout in CSS

13.03.2021 100daystooffload

A tale about organisational openness

12.03.2021 100daystooffload

Lockdown travel, SMS sync and factory reset

11.03.2021 100daystooffload

YAML metadata in Markdown

20.12.2020 markdown

Building on your previos work

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