Using pacman with Ansible

12.04.2021 100daystooffload

Release: Gitea 1.14.0

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Hate speech in the Fediverse?

10.04.2021 100daystooffload

SSH prompting KeePassXC unlock

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Gnome Shell 40 upgrade

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Feature: task list in Gitea issues

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How to use flashrom on Archlinux ARM

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Arch news pacman hook tip

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How to verify integrity of OpenWRT files

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Status update April 2021

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The most useful computer mouse

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VPS opinion: Contabo

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Why I voted for support rms letter

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Automotive chip famine events

29.03.2021 100daystooffload

Hide blueman-applet in Gnome Shell

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Solutions to a buggy system package

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Inverting colors helps Tesseract

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Rules in the Fediverse

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Accessing Gitea Postgres inside Docker

24.03.2021 100daystooffload

I have published my first game

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Using Kanban board in Gitea

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Digital privacy as a new currency

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Comparing my domain registrars

20.03.2021 100daystooffload

Netlify email forwarding problem

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Using mnemonics outside of my vim

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Syncthing can sync my entire phone

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Most useful keyboards for Android

16.03.2021 100daystooffload

SvelteKit is is almost beta

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Two Gitea clients for mobile

14.03.2021 100daystooffload

Negative margin and grid layout in CSS

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A tale about organisational openness

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Lockdown travel, SMS sync and factory reset

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YAML metadata in Markdown

20.12.2020 markdown

Building on your previos work

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