Who I am?

My name is Peter Babič. I am 30-year-old, full of enthusiasm about industrial automation, electronic design and especially computing. I have started with electronics very, very early, somewhere around the age of three. I got fascinated by mechanical tools, like hammer, pliers and screwdrivers that were probably all too dangerous for myself at that age.

I have soon learned out how to use the tools on anything I could get my hands on. I was proudly referring to what I was doing as "repairing", but more often than not, what started as a perfectly fine instruments and battery powered toys ended up beyond repair after I was finished. This allowed me to amass a bunch of cables and other components that could be wired together to do something.

My close family did of course notice this trait and were patient and supportive. Uncle had access to electronic components like mechanical switches, lightbulbs and even resistors and he shared them with me. Another two uncles had access to x86 based computers and allowed me to spend time learning what the machine can do.

Father was probably impressed I could help him change his spreadsheet invoice template, while still barely able to read, so he bough a computer too. My taste for books expanded from electronic circuits to programming languages and soon I was moderately proficient in accessible web technologies, still in elementary school.

Choosing mechanical engineering field for my high school studies was a slight divert from the path. It turned out that the most fascinating subject for me was the one regarding Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). This revelation brought me back to pursuing a minor degree in Applied Informatics and a major in Computer Modeling.

Currently I am consulting and doing contract work while maintaining this blog about the technology related topics, usually about the projects I am currently working on.

My GitHub account is peterbabic. This page's security.txt.
My Public key is A44B 03E6 42BB 4223 6780 FEA4 3A13 81FC F273 8E75.
Download it from 0x3A1381FCF2738E75 and say hello via peter@peterbabic.dev!