My pause from the daily writing for a week due to holiday led me to understand how the habit of doing something every day for almost three months rooted into my mind.

I was rely reluctant to break my chain of writing and I was determined to do a #100daystooffload challenge in just 100 days, which I consider the ultimate version of this challenge. The original 100daystooffload challenge requires to write 100 posts over the span of 365 days, so it is a significant increase in publishing frequency. The original challenge requires to write only roughly quarter of the post (27,39% of it to be almost exact) of the post per day when writing daily, or write a full post (quite obviously) once every 3.65 days.

Reasons to break a chain

I must admit I have seriously considered postponing the holiday a few weeks later or even taking my laptop with me. I had however refrained from doing both of the proposed options. The place I went for a relax with my beloved girlfriend was of high importance filled with a positive nostalgia. I could even re-book the flight for later without additional costs, which would comfortably aided me with the challenge.

Choosing to write at the holiday could be done too. Without external preparation I probably could not write from the phone, and even with the working setup in place, it could maybe just a very short posts due to lack of physical keyboard and my reluctance to write anything on the phone. This is however not a traveler's blog, and such blogs are usually filled with stunning pictures. Not that we were not taking any photos, but this is simply another topic entirely.

Taking the laptop with me would be possible, but then it would take precious space in the backpack also adding in the weight. I would also have to worry about it all the time, I would have to think about writing and last but not the least, do the actual writing. Given the fact, that out itinerary was very densely packed for every day, moving from place to place, it would just add more hassle.

Why failing is not a problem

Since I have failed my ultimate challenge of writing 100 posts in 100 consecutive days, I could be hard on myself, but I am not. The holiday was great, I gathered a lot of new energy, made a greater connection with myself and with my girlfriend and created a lot of beautiful memories.

This all would be negatively affected were I to push myself, and for what? For some artificially created challenge. I have started doing 100daystooffload on 11th of March this year, I still have 273 days to finish the original challenge and I just need 15 more posts to do so.

Also, my first humble blog post (there were two posts actually at that date) here was published 13th of July, so just three days short of a year ago. The blog already boasts 111 posts to date, so my 100th post within the war was written on 22th of May already, so I could just call it a day anytime. I do however plan to keep writing daily. Let's see what future will bring.

This is a 84th post of #100daystooffload.