I've got hold to some real data from the bee-weighter project. The transformed data can be seen in the following table:

date timekg
17.5.21 01:4639,82
17.5.21 07:4641,00
17.5.21 13:4639,97
17.5.21 19:4639,44
18.5.21 01:4639,43
18.5.21 07:4639,67
18.5.21 13:4637,03

This is all I have received, as other measurements give off zeros. Some cable to the weight probably got torn off. It's a pity.

There can be one conclusion drawn from the data: the weight is not increasing, therefore the bees are not gathering enough resources themselves at this point, meaning more sugar water should be added. This technique is the equivalent of feeding the bees.

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