Fediverse is still an unknown for a lot of people. It is also unregulated by no central entity and everyone can impose their own rules. Critics say that such environment attracts actors that are thrown out of other communities and that these actors are actually bad actors.

Why would anyone use the same thing the bad guys are using? Why would anyone want to even touch it and possibly be exposed to them? Well this depends on what the bad guys do. The worst thing I can currently imagine is the act of spreading hate speech. I do see someone posting something that would fall into this category very occasionally, but it pales into comparison of hate available in the comment sections under the post in other big centralized network.

I have some especially bad experiences with a big centralized social network that rhymes with Lakewood. Most of the time, when I somehow get tricked to even wander there, the comment section under the given post aggregates people that are in a hateful agreement, or are otherwise negative.

While there are far, far less users in the Fediverse, the amount of positive comments and posts I am encountering is huge and I like it that way. Sure, I did some blocking by observing user and instances that I am comfortable around and imitating their blocking patterns.

But I did so only recently. Approximately first 9 months of use there were no blocks set up on my side, and I cannot really tell much difference now, after the blocks, but I wanted to try what happens.

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