I currently drive an Opel Astra K 2016 and encountered the following issue. The right side of the display went slightly darker and the display started flashing vigorously after the car started. The flashing stopped after a few minutes of ride, but the colors were affected significantly anyway. Sometimes, the display did not started at all and was all black, but the digitizer (the touch layer at the front) was still active. I have read somewhere, that it was possible by seemingly random touches to mistakenly switch your main steering wheel display to non-latin language, causing further trouble.

I have found a few guides and videos claiming it was not that hard to replace. The serial model is LQ080Y5DZ10 or LQ080Y5DZ06. I have not found what is the difference between the two. For what I know they seem identical. These are stockpiles available at internet marketplaces for around 60 EUR including shipment and were made by a company named Sharp and described issue is common among them after a few years of service.

The consensus is either ask a company in the UK for the replacement and receive a brand new, now made by LG, which lasts much longer but also costs at least 300 EUR or more or replace it every few years with the Sharp model. I went with the latter.

Indeed taking it out of the car was not hard, requires just a quality pry tool and undoing two hexagonal screws. I ordered the display without the digitizer attached, because my digitizer was not broken. Separating old flashing display with the perfectly working digitizer proved far harder with my skill than I thought. I mean, separation was easy but removing the residual glue was extremely time-consuming. I was using isopropyl alcohol, but it does not actually remove the glue, just soften it, leaving tiny amounts of glue smears everywhere. After cleaning it all off, I then connected the digitizer and the new display together via strips of double-sided tape. Links of what I found useful while doing this are below. Enjoy!