For a long time (a year and a half) I could not start the MS Teams for linux as an applicaiton from AUR, as a package teams. I had this error presented to me all the time.

This version of Teams only supports work or school accounts managed by an organization.

As with anything Microsoft on Linux, I thought it is just not supported, shrugged and used the web version or used Jitsi Meet instead, because it is far more open-source friendly. However, in the environment I currently operate, the Teams is vastly preferred. One feature that the web based Teams do not offer over the app based one is taking control over the other side, something like a remote access. Although this feature is more into "nice to have" category, it nevertheless makes remote collaboration much more bearable.

Looking around, one can quickly find out that the teams package in AUR has a staggering amount of votes for an AUR package - something not so commonly seen, suggesting it probably works for many users. Alongside it's number of votes, it also boasts a fair share of user comments. Not a single one however mentions this particular message.

What's more, it proved quite hard to search anything relevant to that error message from above, that's been bugging me for so long. There are mostly no relevant results in multiple search engines. All this made me think that maybe the problem isn't Microsoft not supporting Teams on Linux but a problem with my configuration instead.


As it turned out, the problem was in fact in my configuration, probably some old files in the .config directory. Solved by:

rm -rf ~/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams

Unfortunately there is no streamlined, automated or officially supported process to clean the dotfile folders. Keeping the /home folders for too long thus results in problems like these. Take this a reminder to manually clean your home folder from the cruft from time to time. Enjoy~