With the current task of wiring an electrical cabinet I was presented with the opinion, that we should use 230VAC powered buttons and indicators, because in our specific case it would be cutting the corners, meaning less time and resources required for the given task.

I have found out that it could be done comfortably with a handful of safe, off-the-shelf components, but I opposed the idea. Strapping 230VAC on the cabinet door means much less flexibility. If I wanted another indicator there, this would almost certainly be 24VDC, so other wires would need to be brought there anyway.

If someone wanted to extend the reach of that button or that LED indicator somewhere else for a better accessibility, they would have to tap that high voltage off and bring it else. Have you seen a small push-button with 230VAC attached to it? Not as common.

But have you seen single miniature 230VAC LED? Unless I specifically checked its package or maybe even its datasheet, it would not occurred to me in the slightest. And I doubt I am the only one here.

And the costs saved would in the end amount for 2 components worth 40 EUR combined. Not worth cutting corners here to not convert the signals on the cabinet door to 24VDC.

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