Feeling little overwhelmed lately. There are many projects and activities I have started and none seem to get even near finishing. I have pushed myself to finish the triangles.fun so I have one less thing to worry about, but too many people experienced the top row cutoff. This is happening because of the hacky approach I have used, using Tailwind's breakpoints with CSS scale transform. Will need to fix this once more.

There are other problems and tasks demanding my time and attention going on:

  • Freelance work, I am thankful for this
  • Trying to set up a recently purchased Contabo VPS by learning ansible
  • Because of the previous point, I still did not install Peertube there
  • There is no official way to set up Gitea with Drone on the same VPS
  • Sapper, currently powering this blog doesn't go well with TailwindCSS
  • SvelteKit could replace Sapper and enable TailwindCSS is still in beta
  • Pleroma updates are very painful to me since the beginning
  • My industrial automation course with a beautiful SVG images is completely on hold again

Hopefully there will be some major advancements in at least some of these areas soon. I believe once the single one of the starts to give, other will follow, but maybe I am too optimistic.

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