Today I needed to have a collaboration document feature available via a simple link, so anyone with it could edit it and add some thoughts into the document. With my NextCloud setup it should be no problem, I thought.

In fact, it was not a problem at all, just create a document, enable editing and copy-paste the link into the email. I upgraded the NextCloud to version 22 a fairly recently. With it, maybe OnlyOffice got upgraded too, but I still do not understand the stack entirely to be sure.

All my previous experiences with OnlyOffice were very positive. I have posted some praise about it already, and I was confident the software is usable. Yet, no software is bug free, unfortunately.

The client responded that there is an error...

An error occurred during the work with the document.
Use the 'Download as...' option to save the file backup to your computer hard drive

This is the dialog box that I was also able to experience, and it is pretty annoying. There is apparently no data loss, but the dialog box cannot be dismissed from the user interface. In fact, I have no idea how to dismiss it, it started working again for me and for the client some 10 minutes later, without any obvious change.

Another solution has to be used as there is clearly no evident way out. This feels really unfortunate.